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Aries Constellation Zodiac Necklaces

Aries Constellation Zodiac Necklaces

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ZODIAC PERSONALITY: Aries are very energetic people. They are infused with excellent organizational traits and achievers with teamwork and togetherness. In personal lives, these people are loyal, attentive and very affectionate. Inclined towards creativity, people born under Aries zodiac are bestowed with dynamism and charisma.

PRODUCT DETAILS: Constellation Necklace in 18k Gold, Rose Gold or Silver plated. 18" chain

Gemstones: Engraved with Aries sign, the round shape pendant is designed for those who are born with the Aries zodiac in hammered gold plated copper with gemstones accents  the Aries zodiac pendant comes with excellent finish and superior shine.  They are enthusiastic and courageous people who are always ready to take challenges.

SYMBOLISM: Wearing zodiac signs on jewelry is an age-old tradition. It is believed to bring good luck, prosperity and growth in one’s personal and professional life. It enhances the personality and bring the best out of you. Besides being a good luck charm, zodiac sign pendants are also chic pieces that are versatile to wear with formal or casual ensembles.

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