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Pisces Constellation Zodiac Necklace

Pisces Constellation Zodiac Necklace

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ZODIAC PERSONALITY: People born under Pisces zodiac are creative and artistic. They are very helpful, friendly and gentle, who are always ready to help others. The intuitive people are extremely caring and faithful. Romantic by nature, Pisces people are selfless and kind. These people have an amazing trait to bring best out of others. fantastic Pisces zodiac pendant makes a memorable first impression. 

Oval Constellation Necklace in 18k Gold, Rose Gold or Silver plated. 18" chain.

 Gemstones: Created in hammered gold plated copper with gemstones accents Engraved with Pisces sign, the round shape pendant is designed for those who are born with the Pisces zodiac. Compassionate, physic and empathetic, Pisces people are immensely sensitive and emotional.


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