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Member’ Mark 11 piece ceramic cookware Cream

Member’ Mark 11 piece ceramic cookware Cream

This amazing Caraway dupe set of 11 is an incredible find to add to your existing collection or to start a new one.

Our Member's Mark 11-Piece Modern Ceramic Cookware is a stylish addition to the kitchen that makes healthier cooking easy. Enjoy perfectly cooked steaks, stews, scrambled eggs and sautéed veggies with this versatile set of pots and pans, including two Dutch ovens. Featuring nonstick interiors and durable heavy-gauge aluminum construction, this long-lasting set of cookware makes it so you can cook with less oil and fast cleanup.

This complete 11-Piece Modern Cookware Set includes: 9.5" fry pan 11" fry pan, 2-quart covered saucepan with lid, 3-quart Dutch oven with lid, 6-quart Dutch oven with lid, 4-quart deep sauté pan with lid, Multi-function stainless-steel basket

Superior Nonstick Cookware - Unlike traditional nonstick cookware, this set of pots and pans features ceramic nonstick interiors made without harmful chemicals like PTFE, PFOS or PFOA. Now you can enjoy superior nonstick performance with high release and easy cleaning after every meal. The impact-bonded honeycomb base makes this set safe for all stovetops, including induction. Plus, these pans are oven safe up to 450°F—talk about versatile!

Care and Storage Dishwasher safe. Hand washing is recommended to extend the life of your cookware Oven-safe to 450°F (232°C) Suitable for use on all cooktops, including induction. To extend the life of your cookware, cook only on low to medium heat; never on extremely high heat as it can ruin the nonstick interior.

Cleaning Before first use: Hand wash your pans in warm, soapy water.

After cooking: Allow your cookware to cool down completely before running cold water (to avoid warping your pans!). Once the pans are cool, clean the interior of the pans with warm, soapy water and a non-abrasive dishcloth or sponge. Dry with a soft towel. Stubborn food can be removed with a sponge or non-abrasive scrubber and a little powder cleanser (like Bar Keeper’s Friend).

Hand wash recommended -This cookware is dishwasher safe. Hand washing and drying is always recommended to maintain the original look and performance of the interior and exterior finishes. If hand washing, use liquid dishwashing detergent with a sponge, nylon pad or dish cloth when cleaning cookware. A non-abrasive polishing cleanser may also be used for stains. Do not use oven cleaner, harsh detergents, chlorine bleach, steel wool or other abrasive cleaning pads.

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